We help inspire and motivate children that are in the hospital through special cards made for kids, by kids.


It all started when a girl named Emma decided that she wanted to give children in The Denver Children’s Hospital an original handwritten card, made just for them, by another kid. She knows from personal experience how hard being in the hospital can be, and also how much a little card can make a big difference. Emma and her mom quickly realized that almost every child they know loves helping out others; this is an amazing opportunity to give OTHER children a chance to do something that impacts other children – improving everyone’s life that’s involved.


Through tax-deductible charitable donations, Emma’s Cards prints greeting cards displaying kids’ artwork geared towards happiness. These cards are blank on the inside, waiting for a handwritten note to be pasted there. The special note that children fill out to put in the card are called “M-Notes” (“M” stands for “motivational”).

Completed M-Notes are mailed to Emma’s Cards where they are glued inside the card. Then, Emma’s Cards drives the completed cards to The Children’s Hospital in Denver and delivers them to children. Emma’s Cards will soon be expanding to deliver to Children’s Hospitals around the USA. Who knows, perhaps someday they will go out to children around the world!


You! ANY PERSON, any country, state, continent, age. You have the coolest honor of being a part of Emma’s Cards. Kids can help by making M-Notes and telling others about us. Adults can help by taking this to their kids’ schools and asking for teachers to get involved, telling others about us, and donating funds to keep printing cards. A simple $20 donation gives a card to 12 different children in the hospital.

WE NEED KIDS to keep this going!

Thank you!