About Emma’s Cards

Emma is first and foremost a humanitarian. She has a huge heart, and nothing makes her more happy than giving to others. She advocates for children with cancer, animals at shelters, and for homeless people in our city. However, being 10 years old and having extra challenges (emotional and developmental disabilities) has made it difficult for Emma to reach out to others as much as she would like. She desperately wants to help, but her parents are not able to support another lemonade stand.

That’s why Emma’s Cards was born. A talented artist, Emma realized she wants to ensure that children in the hospital receive special words of motivation and caring – from other children. That is what makes this charity special – it’s an act of caring that children from around the world can easily partake in. In the end, children in the hospital get handed a beautiful child-designed card with a hand-written, original motivational note (M-Note) of encouragement and inspiration within. Soon, children that have donated an M-Note will be able see their note published online in our gallery and connect to exactly what city and hospital their note was donated to, on an interactive donation map.

We welcome you to participate in this charity, adults and children alike. Please contact us to find out how you can be a part of Emma’s Cards. If you’ve received a card and would like to leave a note of gratitude for children to read, please click on the “Say Thank You” page and leave a comment. Children will enjoy hearing about how the card affected your day!