Get Started

Are you ready to help? Great! Because this is very simple. All you need to do is download and print a Motivational Note (M-Note) template, fill it out, and mail it to us! We will take care of all of the rest. Best of all, when we send it out in a card – you will see your card’s M-Note on our gallery page.

The Rules

IMPORTANT: In order for your M-Note to be put into a card, there are a few rules that must be followed. If for any reason you don’t follow the rules, your M-Note will unfortunately be destroyed, and you will have to try again. This is for legal reasons that protect privacy for children and adults, as well as our desire to motivate children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Rule #1: You can ONLY include your first name on the M-Note. Do not include your address, last name, or any other identifying information.

Rule #2: Even though your family’s spirituality is likely very important to you and your family, kindly refrain from adding any religious or spiritual messages to your M-Note. This is because we have found there are SO many different children, with different religious and cultural customs, from countries all over the world at every children’s hospital. We want to ensure that every card is powerfully motivating and inspiring while respecting the differences we all share.

Rule #3: Per the rules for The Children’s Hospital cards are NOT ALLOWED to say “Get Well”,  “Feel Better”, or “Get Well Soon”.

What to Write?

First, listen up… most children go into the hospital to get help from doctors, and then they go home – better than ever! But that isn’t always what happens. There are some children in the hospital that might have a condition or illness that will be around for their entire life – whether their life is long or short. This means that we’ve decided we don’t want to say things like “Get better soon”. Instead, our focus is on inspiring kids to seek out joy in every day and focus not on their condition – but on the amazing spark of life they have within themselves to keep moving forward, one foot at a time.

Emma and a number of her friends have started a list of ideas for kids to write in their M-Notes. Please feel free to copy them exactly, change them, or write something you make up all on your own. Feel free to decorate the M-Note, make it COLORFUL! Children will be receiving your original M-Note, so do your best to make it legible, beautiful, and inspiring.

Simply fill out the M-Note and mail it to us. After a few weeks you can check our Card Gallery page to see if your note has been sent out to a child.

Mail completed M-Notes to:

Emma’s Cards
c/o Daleth McCoy
10716 McGahan Drive
Fountain, CO  80817